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| Last Updated::31/05/2022

Major Activity


World Wetlands Day 2020

Wetlands are vital for humans, for other ecosystems and for our climate, providing essential ecosystem services such as water regulation, including flood control and water purification. Wetland biodiversity matters for our health, our food supply, for tourism and for jobs. Wetlands also absorb carbon dioxide so help slow global heating and reduce pollution, hence have often been referred to as the “Kidneys of the Earth”.


Though they cover only around 6 per cent of the Earth’s land surface, 40 per cent of all plant and animal species live or breed in wetlands. The worrying thing is that they are disappearing three times faster than forests due to human activities and global heating.


“Wetlands are fantastically valuable multifunctional habitats—they nurture a great diversity of life, provide water and other resources, protect us from flooding and act as giant filters easing pollution,” says Corli Pretorius, Deputy-Director, United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre. “The loss of wetlands due to development pressure has been enormous, but these ecosystems can be restored to generate benefits for people and nature.”


The theme for World Wetlands Day 2020 is “Wetlands and Biodiversity” . This year's theme is an opportunity to highlight wetland biodiversity, its status, why it matters and to promote actions to reverse its loss.


World Wetlands Day has been organised today under the aegis of ENVIS Hub, Assam, and NGC Eco-Clib, Assam, ASTEC to make our children participate in the global race of participatory conservation of wetland at Lalit Deka High School, Patrapur, Kendua, Baihata Chariali, Dist- Kamrup Rural in association North East Zone Welfare Development Society, Kampup Rural. The theme of World Wetlands Day 2020 was "Wetlands and Biodiversity". The program was observed with an awareness rally, Poster making and Extempore Speech Competition which was followed by an interaction session with Resource persons. In that event Scientific Officers Dr. Chandra Barooah and Mr. Prasanna Baruah of ASTEC were also present as resource person.