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| Last Updated::30/12/2019

Major Activity


Assess of Flood Impact in Morigaon Area of Assam

 A Report on Access of Flood Impact in Morigaon Area of Assam

Dishearten by the grave flood situations across the state, ENVIS Assam team along with the other family members of Bigyan has taken a humble initiative conceived and implemented by Dr. Arup Kr. Misra, Director, ASTEC & AEDA to assess the impact of flood and to provide some assistance to the flood victims of the state.  Under this effort a team led by Mr. Sazzad Alam, A.C.S. Ms. Runjun Gogoi, Mr. Saptarshee Bhattacharjee, Ms. Manisha Sarmah, Ms. Monalisa Das and Mr. Hitesh Das went to Bura-buri village of Morigaon District on 12th September 2015 to distribute relief materials to the victims of the village and nearby area. The relief material consisted of clothes, edible items (cheera, muri, rice, dal, chickpea, biscuits, mineral water etc.), detergent items, soaps, shampoo sachets, mosquito nets, mats etc. The Mayong Police Station extended their help to the relief team during their visit.


During the trip the team took an opportunity to visit a primary school named “Sadananda Baishya Primary School” along with an Aanganbadi Kendra at Kajolimukh Area. It was indeed a matter of pleasure to see the school open a midst the hardships of flood faced by the local people as well as declaration of Assam Bandh by some organisation on that day. The team interacted with the teachers and the students of that school.