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| Last Updated::30/10/2016

Major Activity


WIPRO earthian School Programme, 2015

In the month of October, 2015, ENVIS Centre, Assam successfully completed an earthian school programme 2015 was. Eathian aims to reach schools and colleges to prepare younger generation to understand the environmental challenges and build the knowledge, skills and positive attitude needed to deal with them. Earthian encourages schools and colleges to work on these issues on long-term sustainability by selecting 10 schools for a cash award of Rs. 1, 00,000/- and three years continuous engagement programme. The selection is based on a competition where the group of students explore certain aspect of environment under the supervision of their teachers. In the process, learning is documented to the earthian jury and most rigorous learning experiences are awarded the earthian trophy every year by Mr. Azim Premji at Gala Ceremony organised in Bangalore every year.


Total 20 private school was invited to the orientation programme of the competition, organised on 17.08.2015 at Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Silpukhuri, Guwahati.  Mr. Asish Shah, Senior Officer, WIPRO earthian represented the host organization in the event along with ENVIS, Assam coordinator Mr. Jaideep Baruah and ENVIS team members Manisha Sharmah (SPO), Samiran Kalita (IO), Utpal Das (ITA). Out of the 20 schools invited, 17 schools attended in the orientation programme with their nominated science teachers. However, only 3 schools completed the requirements of the programme. They have actively engaged in the activities and prepared reports on the current year themes of the earthian programme. The themes were - “Water and sustainability” and “Sustainability of Biodiversity”. The ENVIS Centre, Assam under Assam Science Technology and Environment Council, coordinated and guided in the whole activity. Finally the reports submitted to the ENVIS Center, Assam were sent to the head office of WIPRO earthian. The participating school are -


  1. Gurukul Grammer School, Mother Teresa Road, Pubgetanagar, Guwahati -20
  2. Hindustani Kendriya Vidyalaya, Dinesh Ohja Path, Bhangagarh, Guwahati-05
  3. Shrimanta Shankar Academy, Guwahati, Assam


ENVIS Centre, Assam put their best efforts for successful completion of the programme at the state level, through a series of counselling and discussion session regarding the themes and issues to be considered. Students were found to be more efficient in identifying and recognising the necessary environmental components in and around their school. 





Submitted Reports:


Sustainability and Water in and around Gurukul Grammer Senior Secondary School

Submitted By:

Rutajit Karmakar (Group Leader), Urjita Goswami, Priyanka Das, Shubhashish Nath and Hemanga Goswami

Guided By:

Ms. Minakshi Kumar and Ms. Chandana Das




Sustainability and Water in and around Hindustani Kendriya Vidyalaya

Submitted By:

Jainendra Triparthy, Hridoi Kailash, Shakeel Rahman

Guided By:

Ms. Kakoli Das Kalita, Ms. Dipanjali Pathak and Mr. Vishnu Pada Das




Sustainability and Biodiversity around Shrimanta Shankar Academy

Submitted By:

Arpan Kashyap, Bably Dutta, Pranjana Borah, Syeda Sahin Sultana, Violina Borborah

Guided By:

Mr. Shyam Singh, Mrs. Bobita Bhagawati and Mrs. Kalyani Shattaraj




Sustainability of Water in and around Shrimanta Shankar Academy

Submitted By:-

Chandamita Dutta Baruah, Deepsikha Pandey, Jyotishman Kalita, Madhurjya Paul

and Sachingon Caudhary

Guided by: Mr. Shyam Singh, Mrs. Bobita Bhagawati and Mrs. Kalyani Shattaraj,




Sustainability of Water in and around Shrimanta Shankar Academy

Submitted by:-

Shatabdi Kristi Borgohain, Dristi Das, Manisha Bharali, Jyotishmita Saikia and Chachukhi Chetia

Guided by: Mr. Shyam Singh.




Sustainability and Biodiversity around Shrimanta Shankar Academy

Submitted by:

Debraj Deka, Jahnavi Haloi, Ritam Goswami, Ritish Goswami and Ujjal Senapati

Guided by: Miss Jharnali Choudhury.