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| Last Updated::30/12/2015

Major Activity


Survey of ENVIS Centre Assam on action against Illegal Encroachment in Guwahati City

 The water bodies and waterways played an important role in rain water drainage and maintenance of the ecological balance of a place. The rampant encroachment on these water bodies not only impede the rain water drainage but also threatened the ecological balance. Flash flood has become a major problem for the Guwahati city as the water channels are blocked. The water channels which pass through the five channels Bharalu, Mara Bharalu, Silsako, Bahini and Basistha River. These channels carry 90% of water and as the Meghalaya water is passing through the city without any proper channel so heavy flood leads to a major problem. Water logging along the natural stream and on water bodies is believed to be the main reason for flash floods in Guwahati city after heavy downpour every monsoon. At least 11(9 people, including 2 minor girls, four people including the two girls were killed due to landslides, four were electrocuted and a youth was swept away in flash floods) persons were died in Guwahati city and kept many areas inundated four days since June 26, 2014. The Chief Minister of Assam on Sunday (29th July, 2014) convened a meeting to discuss the flood scenario in Guwahati and asked the district administration to free all water channels from obstructions impeding the flow of water from the city. Evictions were carried out on encroachments along the five channels Bharalu, Mara Bharalu, Silsako, Bahini and Basistha River. The main objective of the eviction drive is to clear the water flow route through the Bharalu river and to protect the wetlands as natural catchment areas. The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is working on a scientific drainage plan for the city for the Rs. 750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty) crore and after the eviction completed, they will start dredging and then fencing of these water bodies.     

ENVIS Centre-Assam carried out a survey on action against the illegal encroachment in Guwahati city. The report is already been published in ENVIS Assam newsletter (July to August 2014).  


Photographs of Action against Illegal Encroachment in Guwahati City


The Report on Action against Illegal Encroachment in Guwahati City