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Printed Date: Friday, April 12, 2024

Environmental tips for Children

 Environmental tips for Children

Environmental awareness is the need of the day. Everybody knows that protecting the environment today will prepare for a better tomorrow. Nowadays, children also need to be trained to avoid wasting natural resources and many a times kids too are eager to do their bit. Here we are giving some environmental tips by which children can also contribute to protect the environment.

Save Water: Many people just let the water run when they are brushing their teeth or having a bath. Children should be taught to turn off the tap when soaping or brushing. Parents of children should also practice this as it will show that you too are trying your best to make a difference. Do not let water run while showering and brushing teeth.


Try to Carpool, Walk or take Public Transport: Try to avoid going to school individually in their cars. The more the number of cars running the more there will be carbon emissions and smog in the air leading to pollution. Arrange for a group of children living close by to go to school together in one car only. Walking as much as possible to nearby places rather than using a car or bike will help to keep the air in your neighbourhood clean and unpolluted.


Go easy on Video Games: Video games consume a lot of energy. Try to go out to play in the fresh air or complete their home work rather than playing these video games. Playing video games consumes a whole lot of energy and much more than regular TV or computer usage. Try to keep this activity to a minimum. In this way, you can save energy!

Also, turn off the computer monitor or switch off the screen when not in use, rather than leaving it switched on for long hours or all through the night.Switch off Lights and Fans when not in use. Tell your parents to buy fluorescent bulbs instead of normal light bulbs because they save three times more energy than the regular light bulbs.


Plant Trees in your Community: Children, you can participate in planting trees is a great way to help the environment. If you have a garden, participate in the gardening, by growing plants and watering them everyday. If you do not have a garden, you can have small pot plants in the balcony of your home.


Try to Save Paper: Try to avoid using paper cups and plates whenever possible. Always use cloth towels and rags instead of paper towels and napkins. Print on both sides of the paper whenever possible. Cutting down on use of paper wherever possible will help to save more trees. Choose to receive printed statements rather than print outs on paper. Use recycled paper.


If childrens can play a role in helping to save the earth, it will be great and we can together strive towards a cleaner and greener Earth.

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