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| Last Updated:: 12/12/2023

National Parks & Santuctuaries




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The wildlife sanctuaries in Assam are a heterogeneous mixture of a variety of landscapes, plants, birds and animals. The suitable climatic conditions, geographical location and vast forest reserves have made Assam a favorable destination for birds, animals and natural vegetation.

Assam is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that are the breeding ground for some of the rarest global species. The many wildlife sanctuaries in Assam provide shelter to large number of wildlife right from the Golden Langur to the horned rhinoceros.


A Glimpse of National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in Assam  

 National Parks

  Kaziranga N.P.

  Manas N.P.

  Dibru - Saikhowa N.P.

  Nameri N.P.

  Orang N.P

  Raimona N.P.

  Dihing Patkai N.P. 


 Wildlife Sanctuaries

  Garampani W.L.S.

  Laokhowa W.L.S.

  Bornadi W.L.S.

  Chakrasila W.L.S.

  Burachapori W.L.S.

  Panidehing W.L.S.

  Hollongapar Gibbon W.L.S.

  Pabitora W.L.S.

  Sonai Rupai W.L.S.

  Bherjan - Borajan - Padumoni W.L.S.

  East K. Anglong W.L.S.

  Nambor W.L.S.

  Marat Longri W.L.S.

  Nambor - Doigrung W.L.S.

  Amchang W.L.S.

  Dehing Patkai W.L.S.

  Borail W.L.S.

  Deepar Beel W.L.S.

  Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird W.L.S. (Proposed)


 National Parks & Sanctuaries




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