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| Last Updated:: 12/12/2023


Administrative Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 




Agriculture Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 




Crop Area Map of Assam Assam (Bhuban Map):




Forest Cover Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 




Percentage of Forest Cover of Assam Map (Bhuban Map): 



Tea Garden Locations in Assam Map (Bhuban Map): 



Salt Affected Aresa in Assam Map (Bhuban Map): 



Geomorphological Map of Assam (Bhuban Map):




Lineament Map of Assam (Bhuban Map):




Erosion Map in Assam (Bhuban Map): 



Flood Hazard Zonation Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 



Wasteland Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 



Electrified Villege Map of Assam (Bhuban Map): 




Maps of Assam Generated by Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre: