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Biodiversity in its holistic sense encompasses all levels of biological diversity, ecological and evolutionary processes including natural ecosystems, wild species and varieties, agricultural ecosystems, domesticated species and varieties. It has several other facets when concerned with sustainable use and conservation of biological resources. The term biodiversity is often defined as the total variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes they inhabit. It also includes the diversity of forms right from the molecular level through individual organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, landscapes and biosphere.


Northeast India represents the bio-geographic gateway to the Indo-Burmese hot spot at the junction of the Indian Sub-continent and the Indo - China Bio-geographic regions and is unique for its genetic diversity. Being the core component part of Northeast India, the state of Assam has the important feature of Indo-Malayan, Indo-Chinese characteristics contributing to its biodiversity. Its altitudinal variations and climatic individuality offer diverse ecosystem ranging from different forest types like wet evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, wet savannah, riparian forests, swamps, marshes, wetlands and river systems that can maintain the rich gene pool of wide variety of fauna.


National Forest Policy

Assam Forest Policy

State Bamboo Policy

Assam Bio Diversity Rule

Biological Diversity Act

Assam Biodiversity Rules 2010 (English Version)

Assam Biodiversity Rules 2010(Assamese Version)

Biodiversity Act 2002 -Assamese Version

Biological Diversity Act 2002- English version



Assam State Biodiversity Board 

Department of Environment & Forests, Government of Assam 

Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society


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