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| Last Updated:: 19/11/2011


The Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) was established in 1986-87 as an autonomous Council of the Dept. of Science Technology and Environment, Govt. of Assam, and has emerged as a focal agency to popularise science and technology, stimulate scientific and technological temper, generate awareness on environmental issues and coordinate and orchestrated such efforts.


  • To formulate policies on various aspects of science, technology and environment which are in the interest of the state and the country.
  • To formulate and execute schemes/programmes on the various aspects of science, technology and environment.
  • To execute/ implement schemes on science, technology and environment of the Govt. of India, Government of Assam, North Eastern Council (NEC) and other public bodies.
  • To promote research in the field of science, technology and environment in Assam by giving financial support to scientists, technical persons and experts working in institutions or otherwise in the State.
    To advise the concerned departments/organisations of the Government of Assam, public bodies, etc. on various aspects of science, technology and environment, in so far as the departments/organisations are concern.

Some of our Major Achievements

  • The Council has been observing National Technology Day, National Science Day, Earth Day, World Environment Day etc. in Assam. These days are observed with co-operation with educational institutions, research agencies, academic institutions and NGO's of the state.
  • Council has been successfully taking up of the activities of National Children's Science Congress every year in Assam.
  • Setting up of 28 School Science Centres in remote areas of Assam and continuing its activities.
  • Developing and inducting need based technologies like improved mild steel handloom for enhancing the productivity of local weavers.
  • Popularising mushroom cultivation in Assam as a means of self-employment avenues for youths.
  • Carrying out research works through the state academic and research institutes in the relevant field and initiate research in basic and applied sciences.
  • In starting solar radio observation and research facility in Assam.
  • In inducting non-conventional energy gadgets in the urban, rural and remote areas of Assam and delivering the benefits of such systems to the people.
  • The council was awarded a prize by Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India for excelling application of Solar Lighting in Rural areas of Assam.
  • Setting up of Micro Hydel unit for rural elcetrification.
  • In setting up of Assam Bio Resource Centre at Madan Kamdev near Baihata Chariali of Kamrup district.
  • 109 women have been trained on cultivation and semi-processing of medicinal plants for their economic upliftment.
  • In carrying out environmental impact studies and highlighting the issues among the people.
  • Preparation of Environmental Atlas of Assam.
  • In carrying out remote sensing based projects of state and of national importance and linking them to developmental processes.
    Council has been successful in acting as a forum for initiation and implementation of developmental process in Assam based on S&T application by linking S&T resources of the state with the national resources.

Our important partners are:

  • Central and State Ministries and Departments
  • Scientific and Academic Institution
  • Research Institutes and Laboratories
  • Media - All India Radio, Doordarshan and Newspapers
    Science and technology based Voluntary Organizations