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| Last Updated:31/08/2020

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Holi celebrated across State

 Holi celebrated across State

Staff Reporter

A girl plays with colours during the Holi festival in Goalpara on Friday. – UB Photos GUWAHATI, March 2 - Holi – the joyous festival of colours – is being celebrated across the State today along with rest of the country, amidst fun, frolic and vibrant colours. Like most Hindu festivals, Holi too, marks the triumph of good over evil.Holi is a festival that has soaked in the local flavours in many parts of the country, developing a regional characteristic of its own. In Assam, the Doul Utsav or Doul Yatra is integral to Holi celebrations, especially in places having a significant impact of Vaishnavite culture and tradition.

In Barpeta the celebrations spans several days, where colours mixed with spiritualism and devotion create a euphoric ambiance attracting people from across the globe. The fest is also celebrated with great devotional spirit in Batadrawa and other places following the Sattra and Vaishnavite culture. Celebrations, clubbed with devotional Holi songs make the fest special for all.

No less fanfare is witnessed in other parts of the State, villages and town on this occasion. Young and old alike take part in the exciting fest, smearing colours, dancing to the tunes of Holi numbers and other popular Assamese and Bollywood numbers and exchanging greetings with the near and dear ones.

Along with the State, Guwahati too, had a fair share of festivities on March 1 and March 2 on the occasion of Holi. The streets wore hues of celebrations with Holi revellers smearing colours on each other and numerous roadside kiosks ensuring that the revellers are always replete with stock.

Source: The Assam Tribune, Guwahati, Saturday, March 03, 2018