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| Last Updated:31/05/2020

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Road accident deaths on the rise

 Spl Correspondent


NEW DELHI, March 4 - Assam is among four states in the country, which has seen an increase in road accident fatalities between 2-8 per cent during January-July 2017. Assam has recorded 2,572 road accidents fatalities in 2016-17.According to an NGO Consumer Voice, there has been a 3 per cent reduction in road accidents during the period along with a 4.75 per cent reduction in road accident fatalities across the country.

Only states like Assam, Bihar, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh have registered increase in road accident fatalities between 2-8 per cent, said the NGO, which has been campaigning for passage of the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2017.

The NGO said that Assam witnessed 741 road crashes, 6,127 injuries and 2,572 fatalities marking an increase of 175 road fatalities.

The NGO said that age profile of road accident victims reveals that the youth aged between 18-35 years accounted for 46.3 per cent (69,851 persons) and age group of 18-45 accounted for a share of 68.6 per cent (1.03 lakh) and working age group of 18-60 accounted for a share of 83.3 per cent (1.25 lakh) in the total road accident fatalities.

The NGO said that road users on two-wheelers are the most vulnerable, constituting 34.8 per cent of the total persons killed in 2016. The other road users killed in road accidents are cars, taxies, vans and other light and medium motor vehicles.

In the North-east, Nagaland has recorded the lowest road accidents of 75 leading to 46 road accident fatalities. While Tripura, which witnessed 557 road accidents has seen the second-highest road accident fatalities of 173 persons, which is next to Assam’s total fatalities.

Meghalaya, which has witnessed 620 road crashes leading to 150 road accident fatalities, which marks a decrease of 33 road accident fatalities.

Source: The Assam Tribune, Guwahati, Monday, March 05, 2018