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| Last Updated:30/09/2018

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Astronomy workshops held at Kalaigaon

 Astronomy workshops held at Kalaigaon


KALAIGAON, March 31 - The Aryabhatta Science Centre (ASC),  Kalaigaon, under the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), organised two workshops on basic astronomy here and Babanguri in Udalguri district on Tuesday. 

The two astronomy workshops were sponsored by Pragjyotish Amateur Astronomers’ Association (PRAG), Guwahati Planetarium, under the Department of Science and Technology of the State Government. 

The first workshop on basic astronomy was held at the Bananguri High School. Hundreds of astronomy enthusiasts, including students and teachers, attended the workshop.

Manas Pratim Sarma, assistant secretary of PRAG, conducted the technical session, which was inaugurated by Khagen Nath, headmaster of the Bananguri High School.


The topics covered were basic astronomy, history and evolution of space, blind beliefs, superstitions, etc. The other block-level workshop on basic astronomy was held at the Aryabhatta Science Centre at Lokapriya Bardoloi Public School, Kalaigaon.


Students and teachers of six high schools namely, Kalaigaon Girls’ High School, Lokapriya Bardoloi Public School, Pride Academy, Ranthali High School, Bholabari High School, Chengapara High School and Kalaigaon Girls’ MV School participated in the event.


The PRAG assistant secretary also held an interactive session with students while making a multimedia presentation on telescopes, history and evolution of the solar system and planets, comets, asteroids, black hole, supernova, galaxies, expansion of the universe, dark energy, dark matter, etc. 

The participants were given basic knowledge of telescopes. Jayanta Das, District Coordinator of ASC, Udalguri; Bhargab Kumar Das, journalist; Dhritishree Hazarika, Block Coordinator, ASC, Kalaigaon; Binu Deka Saikia, headmaster of Kalaigaon Girls’ High School; scientist Upamanyoo Das; Basanta Deka, headmaster of LB Public School, Kalaigaon; attended the workshop. 

In the evening, a sky observation programme was held where participants were trained to look at planets, stars, etc., through sophisticated telescopes. 

Source: The Assam Tribune, Guwahati, Friday, April 01, 2016