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| Last Updated: 29/10/2020

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3rd World Congress and Expo on Recycling

 3rd World Congress and Expo on Recycling

November 28-30, 2016, Atlanta, USA.

Every year, globally Conference series LLC organizes series of International Recycling Conferences that includes Plastic Waste Recycling Conferences, Waste Recycling Conferences, Waste Management Conferences, Recycling Events, Recycling Exhibitions.

On behalf of Recycling Conferences, we extend a warm welcome to the distinguished Nobel laureates, speakers, delegates related to recycling research, Recycling Industries, Recycling Associations  and Policy Makers, from around the world to Atlanta for 3rd World Congress and Expo on Recycling which is going to be held during November 28-30, 2016 in Atlanta, USA. The theme of the conference is “Novel trends in Recycling and Waste management”. The conference mainly focuses on the importance of Recycling, Recycling basics and Waste management Techniques.  Recycling Conferences  aims to bring together leading Recycling Industries, Recycling researchers, Policy Makers, and Academicians, including Nobel Laureates to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Recycling and its allied areas.